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Sylvia van Kuijk

Anti Aging Centre

Sylvia van Kuijk

No brows, aging skin? Improve your looks & skin quality today bij Sylvia van Kuijk, Anti Aging Centre in Wormer.

STOP poor skin quality, sagging cheeks and wrinkles, START improving skin quality with our special beauty devices and best skin care products for at home.

Deynique products rejuvenate and take care of your skin in the living cell layer. These products have a very small molecular structure and therefore reach the living cells…..

You’ll see the difference!!

Meso | Myo | Oxygen | Anti Tox | Gold Infusion Bio Face Lifting | Hairstrokes | Asian Green Peel | Laser Treatments by Professional Skinspecialists | Injectables by Drs Anwar Thio, NVCG Certified.

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Lisboa 26
1531 BN Wormer
075 - 64 23 332


Maandag t/m Vrijdag 9:00 - 17:00

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